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Infant Toddler Program

INFANT/TODDLER – 12 months to 36 months


The importance of the period from birth to age three cannot be underestimated, for this is the formative period for personality, trust, thinking, problem solving and independence. Your child is born with tremendous potentials and craves to learn, explore, and try new things! The heart of our infant/toddler curriculum is building your child’s self-esteem by providing a loving and nurturing environment that encourages you child’s development.




3 to 5 years old


The full day program at Ladybird Montessori Learning Academy is designed to give students a very strong foundation for future academic, social and emotional growth. It is a philosophy grounded in deep respect for the individual. We understand and respect the individual child and develop a personalized curriculum for each child based on current levels, interests and goals.


At Ladybird Montessori, the primary classroom is viewed as a three-year curriculum. During these three years, a child will progress through a series of lessons in a broad range of topics. A Montessori student is entrusted with the responsibility of choosing work that calls to him while being gently guided by a trained Montessori teacher. He or she is given lessons individually, in small and large groups. The lessons always begin with a concrete representation of abstract topics. The hands-on approach allows children to internalize very complex concepts. Through uninterrupted work time, children develop confidence, independence and a strong sense of order.



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