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Our Facility


Greetings! We are pleased to welcome you to Ladybird Montessori Learning Academy. Our facility is located at the very heart of Coquitlam surrounded by an amazing community and beautiful environment. Our location is convenient to find and is right across the Coquitlam Central Library and near Coquitlam Centre Mall. Our facility is complete with beautiful custom designed furnishing, spacious playground and classrooms. The furniture is designed and built by natural pod and hand crafted from Vancouver Island; it’s beauty and wooden structure are specifically designed for children because of its non-toxic and natural features. Everything in our Montessori classrooms has a specific purpose and that there is nothing in the prepared environment in which a child cannot see or touch. All of the furniture and equipment is scaled down to the child’s size and is within easy reach.


Our facility offers programs from 10 months to 5 years old. The classes and staffs are truly amazing and your child will love spending their day in this amazing place filled with love, beauty, and infinite opportunities to learn and grow.


Our Mission & Vision


“Play is the business of childhood and it would be fair to say that most Clarence love their job.”


Our mission here at the Ladybird Montessori Learning Academy is to cooperate with parents and the community to gently assist children to discover their ideal self and potentials as well as to help them be prepared for next stages in life. We build our programs with two main components: play and the Montessori Method. Through the Montessori Method and philosophy, we believe that the child has an absorbent mind, which enables them to absorb an immense amount of information during their first six years. We encourage this by providing children with materials that refine their senses and develop cognitive skills such as thinking, judgment, association and comparison.


By combining play with learning, we help children find their own interests and promote individual

development. Our environment here at the Ladybird Montessori helps to celebrate the joy of being a child, full of creativity and enchanting experiences. Along with the Montessori philosophy, we open the hearts, minds, and spirits of each and every child in our school and promise to provide a loving and belonging atmosphere so that each child has the opportunities to become his or her best self.

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